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Clients engage with Merchant IT Lab in a variety of ways. This flexibility allows Merchant IT Lab to customize and match its resources to the client’s needs in the most optimal way. No matter which model you choose, you can confide in us to deliver great results.

We supplement the clients engineering team with experienced engineering resources from our facility in India. This type of engagement may be driven by a strategic initiative on part of the client to have some of its engineering resources in an offshore facility. It can also be motivated by project needs which require technologies that are not part of the client’s in-house expertise.

Merchant IT Lab's does an extensive study of the client processes and proposes what is best suited for the client

  • Do you have an idea to be put in an app, or an app stuck in some development phase?
  • Are your app development efforts going in vain, due to unavailability of skilled resources at affordable price?
  • Is lack of skilled manpower and infrastructure coming between you and your dream project?
  • Put an end to those hassles and limitations. Congrats yourself, we are here to help.

Get on with our Dedicated Engagement Models

Our journey of Engagement Model doesn’t just ends here,
there are more of Engagement Models that we serve.

Advantages of Merchant IT Lab’s Engagement Model