Industry & Work Environment

The quality of any work roots in the sources and infrastructure available with providers. Merchant IT Lab houses 500+ veteran experts in different domains such as Research, Business Analysis, Project Management, Programming, Database Administration, Creative Designing, Animation and Quality Control.

Research & Development Hubs

Merchant IT Lab has established a couple of high end Research and Development Centers backed by latest industry standard infrastructure in the city of Mahesana (Gujarat State) spread over an area of 45,000 sq feet in total.

For Us, Progress is Constant

Started with a handful of staff just a few years back, Merchant IT Lab today has staggering number of employees over 500. Merchant IT Lab’s Mahesana Development Hub recently shifted to a bigger premises for better infrastructure and facilities. This workplace is an institute in itself. Widespread in several thousands Sq. Feet of carpet area, the place is fantabulously customized to business requirements. We certainly provide comfortable and refreshing working environment to our employees for creating a masterpiece of work as an output.


Every project that comes to Merchant IT Lab becomes the top priority in terms of security. With CCTV constantly watching the teams, other software track the progress of project allotted. The employees working in the company have agreed and signed the confidential paper that states ‘do not disclose the technology or any such crucial information’ outside the developmental hub premises. Every person working in Merchant IT Lab believes and follows the code of ethics to protect the privacy and work on allotted projects with dedication.

  • Secured development environment (All projects on SVN)
  • Electronic punch card system
  • CCTV camera
  • Prohibition on pen drives, laptops, HDD etc
  • Every employee obeys the code of ethics

Employees’ Paradise

Very few companies believe that the ‘service’ actually begins with their very own clients, the employees! We provide the best working environment so as to have best output from every brain we hire. Needless to say, we keep them cheerful without compromising the quality of work. The employees call Merchant IT Lab as an employees’ paradise where they build their professional profile while exploring new world of technology. This, in turn, results in retention of employees strengthening company’s productivity and expertise. This is the reason that we generate most of our revenue from our existing satisfied clients who have been with us since long time. Nevertheless, we keenly work in getting new clients as a part of our skyrocketing growth.

Why employees are retained?

  • High end development environment (All projects on SVN)
  • Latest individual workstation
  • Freedom to suggest, give feedback or present ideas
  • Opportunity to work on various platforms/projects
  • Updated licensed software
  • Large conference room and lots of discussion rooms
  • On floor projection facility
  • Elegant cabins for managers
  • Isolated server room
  • Sports and refreshment facility

Customer Support and Correspondence

The backbone of any online business especially outsourcing is online client support and access to track the progress. Merchant IT Lab primarily focuses on providing client support through its flawless connectivity to have better end-product that is foolproof and fully customized according to client’s need. Having a world-class infrastructure and adequate workforce, the company enjoys being a preferred choice among small, medium and large sized industries across the world for developing web and mobile apps.

Salient Features:-

  • 24/7 client support via phone
  • 99.99% up-time with high speed internet connection
  • VoIP
  • Video conferencing
  • Instant Messengers
  • Direct access to the key individuals involved in the project
  • Sophisticated Project Management System (to enable constant and ongoing updates during project development – involving all the aspects of the projects with key individuals)

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