PHP Mysql Development


Our PHP and MySQL development solutions will give you the best of web based systems that leverage the best of both the platforms. PHP is famous for its feature rich and fast scripting language that is available in open source. This is widely used in the development of intranet and internet application and other web applications too. MySQL is considered to be one good database server in open source which is based on RDBMS…relational database management system and has the ability to handle large database connections.

When the best of both worlds are combined together one can get a highly powerful and fully scalable intranet, internet and web application. In short, these two are commonly referred to as the best choice developmental tools. Their being open source in nature is the main advantage. The community for these platforms is large and there are volunteer programmers too who make regular contributions to the field and keep adding features.

Our experienced web developers at Merchant IT Lab can dole out the best solutions for you in these two platforms put together. Unleash the power of our experts and let it work for your business’ advantage.

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